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All makes of motorcycles serviced fast, friendly & superb service
MIS: A Lifestyle Business

MIS: A Lifestyle Business The principles of our business

Book a Service or Repair today!
Book a Service or Repair today!

Principals of Business

MIS has two business functions:

1. Motorcycle Servicing, repairs, tyre replacement and general maintenance

2. Classic motorcycle sales

Our founding principals are honesty and integrity at all stages of customer interaction to ensure repeat business and excellent word of mouth ensuring business growth.

Motorcycles for sale

Our current stock list can be found here together with detailed descriptions of the machines plus high resolution photographs.

The majority of the motorcycles for sale are in full road worthy condition many of them being amongst the finest available for sale anywhere. If they are not this is made very clear in any advertising material.

Riding a classic motorcycle

Each motorcycle is different and requires careful consideration before taking on the road. Some of the motorcycles featured are relatively straight forward to ride and can be ridden by people with limited experience. The older motorcycles and more race focussed bikes are suited principally for riders with greater experience.

Modern motorcycles, even superbikes are relatively user friendly, with fuel injection, ABS and traction control, older motorcycles have few if any of these rider aids, which make them a lot more challenging to ride and many might argue more enjoyable.

Motorcycles as an investment – a word of caution

My personal view is that you should look too acquire a classic motorcycle because you want to own and enjoy one, rather than purely as an investment. Whilst classic motorcycle prices have increased well above interest rates over the past few years, there is no guarantee that will continue.

It is very unlikely that you will lose money, providing you choose wisely, but ongoing maintenance and storage costs need to be considered.

There is however the joy of ownership, whether it’s actually riding the bike on a summer day or simply admiring it in your (hopefully climate controlled) garage. This you really cannot put a price on and perhaps rather than the potential financial return should be the main motivation for acquisition.

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